maandag 30 januari 2017


This weekend was bird-counting-day in the Netherlands.

I must admit I did not count any of them, but I am fond of looking at birds all the time. 

Some time ago I had the flu and from my bed I could see 5 little tomtits flying by my window back and forth. It looked as if they were playing 'tag, you're it'. It made my time in bed much more fun. They reminded me to live my life as playful as possible even if it is with intense fever. So I just enjoyed my extra 'time off'.

Another thing I never will get enough of is the magnolia flower. I've painted them in so many ways and for me they symbolize that 'the new' is coming. The first sign that spring is on its way. So these two combined, the tomtit and magnolias celebrates life in a beautiful way.

Hope you can enjoy nature this week.
With Love Lies

"In Order To See Birds
It Is Necessary
To Become 

A Part Of The Silence."

Robert Lynd

 'TomTit With Magnolias'
acrylic on canvas 5x5cm 2x2"inch

zaterdag 28 januari 2017


Today is no.06 in Bagel's series

Did you know today is the chinese new-year? Every year has a zodiac-sign that is to believed to predict the energy for a full year. This year 2017 is the year of the ...
no it is not the dog, it is the rooster.

But just for fun listen what the rooster has to say:
"I am alert
Ready to take action
The first on the scene
The last to leave
I take chances
But I am precise
Nothing escapes me
I am always prepared
I never give up or in..."

So now you know how to behave in this year,
Bagel already knew, look at her standing:-)

So today as the first day of this rooster-year, go for it, no delay, you know what you want, stop hesitating.
And remember- if you can dream it you can do it.
Good Luck and Enjoy

With Love Lies

 'On Top Of The World'
-Tribute to a dog named Bagel-6
acrylic on canvas 5x5cm 2x2"inch

vrijdag 27 januari 2017

no. 1082

Today is no.05 in Bagel's series

Mostly we assume our dog knows we love him or her,
but maybe the same goes for people

It works better if you sometimes tell them in actual words. Of course showing them extra attention works great too. And with dogs food works probably best haha

But seriously, it might sound strange, but try to tell your dog what you like so much about him or her, really feel it inside and in your minds eye show them pictures of precious moments together.

And even if it does not work it will give you a better feeling anyway.

The same could work with your partner, family, friends or colleagues. Personally I think we can not say enough positive things to each other. Especially in this day and age...

Make it a friendly day today
With Love Lies

'You Know I Love You'
-Tribute to a dog named Bagel-5
acrylic on canvas 5x5cm 2x2"inch

donderdag 26 januari 2017

no. 1081

Today is no.04 in Bagel's series

Dogs and children, not always, but mostly a great combination. They both love to play, see adventure in everything, are the best of friends, and dogs are the best secret keepers in the world. Tell them your innermost stories and you can be sure they won't tell anyone.

Bagel and young Finn are also true comrades, Finn will show all of his pokemons to Bagel, and Bagel looks at them patiently. But the best time they share together on the beach. How fortunate they live nearby and can go there nearly everyday.

Which dog does not like the beach? The vast emptiness, a large sandpit. Perfect to explore, dig holes and have long runs. With some imagination you could think Finn and Bagel are together on the moon accompanied by their long and thin shadow-friends.

Use your imagination just a little bit more today, and if you are sitting in a tl-lighted officespace I know it's hard... but maybe... that one plant standing there, transports you to a lunchbreak in the tropics haha :-)

With Love Lies

'Together On The Beach'
-Tribute to a dog named Bagel-4-
acrylic on canvas 5x5cm 2x2"inch

woensdag 25 januari 2017


Today is no.03 in Bagel's series

When I'm starting to paint I rarely make a sketch, I just start somewhere on the canvas and the painting evolves almost by itself. The same goes for the colors I use. It's mostly intuitive what fits or doesn't fit. 

We are often affected by colors in many ways without even realizing it. It's even in the colors you wear. Do you recognize that some colors look good on you one day and look terrible the next? 

The color that goes well with Bagel is Turquoise, and to me it is no surprise. This color stands for contentment, peace, protection, happiness and sympathy.
Way to go Bagel:-)

Look for your favorite colors today, and if you need any of the values written above take a long look at Bagel's painting:-)

With Love Lies

'My Name Is Bagel'
-Tribute to a dog named Bagel-3-
acrylic on canvas 5x5cm 2x2"inch

dinsdag 24 januari 2017


Today is no.02 in Bagel's series

Did you ever notice that everyone has his or her own special way of walking? From a distance you probably recognize your loved ones just by the way they move. It can be the way they shake their head, the way they drag a little with one feet, or the little 'hop' in their step. It's exactly the same way with dogs. I used to have a big smile the minute I saw my own dog walk his spring in his step. Bagel has an ambling gate and that makes her even cuter.

'I Will Follow You'
-Tribute to a dog named Bagel-2
acrylic on canvas 5x5cm 2x2"inch

maandag 23 januari 2017


If you follow the miniatures for a while you know I'm fond of animals and dogs in particular.

I think every dog is a joy to paint but some dogs are even worth a homage. 

So is a dog named Bagel. She is a dog-girl I got to know by pictures from her lady-human Natasja. Natasja is a great photographer, and I used to lay out her children's fashion-pictures for a magazine called viva-mama. More than once I saw this funny dog on her pictures and that made me smile big-time. Later on I met Bagel in real life and she truly is a character.

This week is going to be a tribute to this dog named Bagel, everyday a different mini, no special reason, just because she is a topmodel to me. So if you don't like dogs don't open your mini-mail the rest of this week and if you do, simply enjoy!:-)

Make it a playful week!
With Love Lies

"Dogs motivate us to play, be affectionate, seek adventure and be loyal." 
Tom Hayden

'Where Ever I lay My Head...'
--Tribute to a dog named Bagel-1--
acrylic on canvas 5x5cm 2x2"inch

maandag 16 januari 2017


Do you sometimes, more than usual, notice a certain animal ? Not only in real life, but also on photo's. Maybe in a picture book, as a logo on a truck, in your dreams or in the title of a story?

If so the there might be a hidden message for you. Suppose you see a remarkable number of geese lately...

Then it would be good to realize that you can be proud of who you are, without to much attention to your appearance. Just be glad who you are inside. Let your life not depend on what others say, just follow your own path. Get out of your head, enjoy, rest if you need to, and most importantly... laugh! Have fun! Life is meant to be enjoyed.

Also good advice if this is the only (egyptian) goose you will meet this week:-)

Make it a relaxed week!
With Love Lies

"Inside the calm minds, great ideas swim serenely like the morning geese of the misty lakes"
Mehmet Murat Ildian

'Swim Like An Egyptian'
acrylic on canvas 5x5cm 2x2"inch

maandag 2 januari 2017


Monday again and that's a good reason for a miniature, to start your week happy.

The first Monday of this new year, so please let me wish you a marvelous, magical, healthy, and adventurous 2017
A year full of space and depth, colour, love and nature just like this miniature no.1076
And if you want something different for this year I wish that for you too, even better:-)

Make it a good first week of 2017!
With Love Lies

'Emerald Green Ocean'
acrylic on canvas 5x5cm 2x2"inch

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