maandag 20 februari 2017


This little mouse made me wonder.

The way he reaches and stretches to get to the berries he likes best. Balancing on a twig like a circus animal on the jungle gym. Aren't we like that?

When we really long for something, we will always find a way to get there. Sometimes it takes more time or perseverance in order to achieve it, but if it is a true soul desire we will never stop.

And if we do stop trying?
Then maybe it was not so important after all or we will get so unhappy that we will probably try it again after a while. In a different way.

I wanted to paint for a living since I was very little but I made a huge detour before I realized. Everything I ever did was creative but I never felt totally at my place. I was close but not spot on. Up till now. Making people happy with the things I paint out of pure desire. Transporting energy. Being able to live from that. Pure Joy!
Thanks, thanks thanks!
And even now I'm still reaching for those juicy berries haha. Always things to wish for, but I'm blessed and on my trail.

Ok to be accurate not to say that these berries are the mouses favorite, I don't even know if mice like berries, I just painted a metaphor. I hope you like it. Those eyes full of magic and expectation. And this mouse tells us it's all about the little things, little steps can make you climb a mountain.

Stay nimble this week
With Love Lies

'Rise up nimbly

and go on your strange journey
to the ocean of meanings...
Leave and don't look away
from the sun as you go,
in whose light
you're sometimes crescent,
sometimes full.'

 'Acrobatic Mouse'
acrylic on canvas 5x5cm 2x2"inch

vrijdag 10 februari 2017

no. 1086

Cups and Bowls, Vases and Plates, all kinds of ceramics can make me greedy. I don't give in too often because I have a small apartment and not so much cupboard space.

Thereby I can just as easily enjoy it on a table of a friend or in a restaurant. But this cup made by Sue Tirrell I find very love-able. 
Animals as you know are a favorite but the way she draws them is fun. So if I can find this cup I will probably buy it, and if not for myself, then for my good friend Janneke who loves rabbits.

For now I enjoyed painting it just as much. I do not try to make it superrealistic but I like it to be a bit naive and skewed imperfect.
That's what I like most in people too:-)

I don't find it easy all the time but I try to love my own imperfections just as much. In Japan they have this good habit of repairing broken cups with pure gold. Don't hide it but show it.

Have an imperfect proud of yourself week:-)
With Love Lies

There Is A Crack In Everything,

That's How The Light Gets In.
Leonard Cohen

Team Blue-

'Blue Rabbit Ceramic Bowl'
 - after Sue Tirrell
acrylic on canvas 5x5cm 2x2"inch

maandag 6 februari 2017


I've found myself a new dream destination:-)And 'never stop dreaming' is one of my favorite sayings.
I'm a fan of Monet's waterlily paintings. When I was young I had a favorite postcard. It was of a painting with bright and vivid colours. It showed a landscape with a bridge over a pond with waterlilies. Whenever there was a lot of turmoil in daily life I turned to this postcard and imagined myself in the peace and tranquility of this beautiful world.

Later on when I visited a museum in Paris I saw Monet's paintings for the first time in actual size and I was impressed and in love. This was also the moment I remembered my favorite postcard and realized it was Monet's urge to paint the 'unseen' world just beneath and above the 'actual world' I loved so much.

Not painting the reality but above all the feeling this reality brings you. Creating a whole new reality. That's what painting is to me too. 
And now I just found out there is a fish pond somewhere in Japan that has this mystical appearance written all over.

So I see myself standing at this pond painting the most beautiful big waterscapes I can imagine. There is no hurry but I will go there one day I am sure!

What is your dream-destination?

And Why? I would love to hear from you!

With Love Lies

Why Downgrade Your Dream To Match Your Reality?
Upgrade Your Faith To Match Your Destiny.

'Dreaming at The Pond'
acrylic on canvas 5x5cm 2x2"inch

This miniature (5x5cm) is part of the  'Small to Big-series'  it's bigger version 'What Lies Beneath' (100x100cm) was on 
exhibition in MUSEUM DE FUNDATIE 
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