maandag 25 april 2016


Some people like to travel, some people love to travel and some people are born to travel around the globe.

Jean is such a person, a man who is rarely at home, or maybe it's more likely he feels at home everywhere.
The nice thing about it is that he lets us also enjoy his travels by his great photography.

On one of his trips he went to an Island and showed his 'before breakfast view'. I immediately fell in love with it. Although it was a picture I could very easily imagine the sound of tropical birds, the soft rustle of the palm trees in the distance and perhaps an even more distant murmur of breaking waves muffled by the early morning fog.

Hope this miniature gives you the same sensation of lively quietness and vibrant peace. I'm looking for this kind of feeling here in France.

A bientôt!

'Cape Verde by Jean'
acrylic on canvas 5x5cm (2x2"inch)

if you like you can find Jean on facebook HERE

maandag 18 april 2016


It's monday again, let's start our week happy with a cat named Snoopy.

Snoopy is a bit shy, so please be gentle with her:-)
If the house is full of visitors, she rather walks to the neighbors for a quit moment. But ultimately she prefers home.

And don't we all?
Leaving your home for a journey is so much fun, and as a bonus when you return you appreciate your home all over again.

It's that way for me. So today I'm flying to France, to paint and enjoy the scenery. I will post some things on facebook and maybe sent a painting by e-mail once in a while. But on mondays there will be happy mini's.

A bientot!

acrylic on canvas 5x5cm (2x2"inch)

dinsdag 12 april 2016


Today is an encore, a close up from yesterday's Boefje.
In her eyes you can see the whole universe and maybe more, curious if you agree?

'Universe In Your Eye'
acrylic on canvas 5x5cm (2x2"inch)

maandag 11 april 2016


I guess if you follow the happy miniatures for a while you know by now I love to paint animals.

Most of the times when I'm asked to paint a portret of somebody's animalfriend, I get a certain feeling while painting.
It feels like direct communication with the soul of the animal, it's kind of a meditative state we are in. Me and my model.

While painting Boefje I felt so much love and a certain shyness, as if she felt a bit overwhelmed by the attention of a painted portret.

There is always a sudden moment I can feel the portret is ready and the essence of somebody is captured. It's as if I'm guided and wake up to see what 'we' have created.

Personally I love to look in the eyes of this enchanting creature called 'Boefje' I hope you do too.
And hé, maybe today we can try to see the world with the same loving look and find out it changes our perspective in a good way.

acrylic on canvas 5x5cm (2x2"inch)

maandag 4 april 2016

no. 1028

This yellow butterfly is calling to you if you are in need for some joy and lightness. If it's important to you to feel your 'self' stronger. If you want to attract some self-love so to say.

Yes you love your children and your partner and your friends. But now is the time to love You!
This butterfly helps you to make self-love feel as a light-effort-thing to do.
You feel the connection with your higher self every time you look at the almost golden wings of this 'Phoebis Argante Argante'
It tells you: "No need to become 'perfect' because you already are perfect just the way you are now."

'Phoebis Argante Argante'
acrylic on canvas 5x5cm 2x2"inch

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