dinsdag 26 februari 2013


Do you know those quite obligatory municipal bedding plants? Usually you will not give them a second glance. Yet if you do look a little closer you might even find beauty there. In the public little park around the corner from my painting studio in Uithoorn I found yellow flowers in the summer. In autumn it was filled with pretty cool pink berries. Now in winter it's filled with drab brown leaves and dented bluish white berries which has led to this miniature today. Are you also wondering what next spring will bring?

'Abstract Nature'
acrylic on canvas 5x5cm (2x2"inch)

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  1. Ken je dat? Die best wel obligaat gevulde gemeente plantsoentjes. Meestal keur je die geen blik waardig. Toch als je er iets beter op let blijk je daar ook schoonheid te kunnen vinden. In het plantsoen om de hoek bij mijn atelier in uithoorn vond ik in de zomer gele bloemen. In de herfst best bijzondere rozige bessen. Nu in de winter grauwbruine bladeren en gedeukte blauwig witte bessen mooi genoeg voor een mini. Ben jij ook benieuwd wat de lente ons laat zien?

  2. Dear Lies

    I was looking at your mini mail for today about the seemingly drab winter flowers and thinking how your daily paintings really are a meditation. Each day you go out there and really look at things, see inside them in order to paint them, discover the beauty there even if it might not be so obvious at this time of year when everything seems bleached and to have lost its colour.... But of course it hasn't, the colours are just different....

    Anyway, it just struck me this morning so thought I'd say it to you instead of just thinking it!

    Happy painting and discovering the wonders of the world!

    Caroline x

  3. Hi Caroline,

    This is so sweet and helpful to me that you wrote me to tell me what you noticed, maybe it IS a kind of meditation, i knew it was when i'm painting, but you are right Caroline, it's not only to paint it, but also to notice it, write it down and to share it,
    not only to me but perhaps also to you and others.

    It's the way of looking at things. Sometimes i walk my dog in a not so good mood, to put it mildly haha.
    Because they are working in our atelier, tearing the floor down, we don't even know if we can stay, it's noisy, cold, my dog is afraid.

    And then you go out, in the misty weather and even then nature can just surprise you. The way those leaves are curled
    the strange browns and greens and greyish blues and the remembrance of all those different shapes and colors this little piece of nature already showed.

    It's in a way a metafore for life, the fact that you can be sure that everything will change, always,
    thanks for pointing that out to me.
    Love Lies


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