woensdag 9 november 2016


Sometimes I’m asked to paint a miniature commissioned. This time it was a question coming via a church in France. This church stands in the place St Simeon and they liked me to paint their name giver.

It is said Saint Simeon started his life being an ordinary shepherd’s son. Though when he grew up he choose a new and strange form of asceticism. He wanted to devote his life to praying. 
And while he did not manage to escape the world 'horizontally' because he was constantly disturbed by people who came to him for prayers and advice. He tried to ease up his world by leaving it vertically. He found a very high pillar and decided to live on top of it on a very small platform to have enough time for quieting his mind with meditation. But still people came to him from far away to receive his useful advice and compassion. 

Well I would never want to live alone on a high pillar away from the lively world, but I do like to quiet my mind. 
Painting and especially the miniatures, is my best and easiest form of meditation. But it can also be writing without thinking to empty up. Or walking outside preferably with a dog:-). And of course just close my eyes and be still. 

Do you have a way to silence your thoughts? I would like to hear about it.

 'St Simeon'

acrylic on canvas 5x5cm 2x2"inch

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Lieve Lies,

    Ik ben nog in shellshock, maar dank je wel voor speciale miniatuur vandaag. Much needed na het nieuws.


  2. Ja ik geloof ook dat alle positiviteit en innerlijke stilte nodig is met deze onverwachtse wending...

  3. Op mijn bankje buiten in de zon, met slechts vogelzang, heerlijk tussen drukte door...

  4. Wel bedankt voor je positieve gedachten Lies, samen met de mooie schilderijtjes.
    Ik word er erg blij van.


    Ps probeer soms ook woordloos en gedachteloos te worden. ..in tuin, muziek of schilderen...helpt vaak wel.


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