maandag 11 maart 2013


I was melancholy about the sad things that sometimes happen in life. Special people like Jeannie that pass away so suddenly. Wanted to throw in some good cursing words because of the grey, cold, wet, depressing weather that underlined this mood. But just when I was about to give in totally to this sorrowful feeling, I suddenly noticed the pearls of rain which had formed in the hedge. They glittered and shone towards me. And i realized, Jeannie of all people, was someone who loved the small wonders of nature. She often shared with me the miracles she had seen or found and i sometimes painted them.
It didn't take away the feeling of loss and sadness of course but it was now mixed with beauty and gratitude. As if sharing some tears with the sky was a good thing.

'Rainy Pearls In The Hedge'
acrylic on canvas 5x5cm (2x2"inch)

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Dankjewel lies
    Mooie tekst vandaag

    Hou je goed!

  2. Txs Lies. I love your “commentary” on your pics – it helps me to understand, and thus better appreciate your art

  3. gecondoleerd met je verlies, lieve lies en een prachtig i.m. heb je geschilderd, sterkte, annemieke

  4. Dank voor alle lieve berichten, veel sterkte vooral voor het gezin van Jeannie! X LoveLies


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