maandag 11 juli 2011


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  1. I'm amazed how often i see beautiful flowers i never saw before, how many are there?
    This one i think is really special with flowers like trumpets.
    So it's rather logical that the name of this plant is Trumpet Climber or Campsis Radicans. Have a nice sunny day today.

  2. Deze bloem doet mij denken aan onze vakantie in Rome. Zo kreeg ik met deze bloem een mooie herinnering toegestuurd. Groetjes Sonja

  3. Trumpet vine - beautiful, but it grows like a weed .It managed to pry my wooden deck apart, by growing in between the slats. I was very sad when I had to take it out..If I plant it again it will be on a trellis or a stone wall.

  4. Hey Lies,

    Funny Shirah mentioned the same thing about this Trumpet Vine have a great day! LoveLies


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