maandag 9 mei 2011


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  1. Wow no.200 already, amazingly quick in my opinion,

    Today i painted the green? or leafy? spurge (wolfsmelk). Sometimes these 'weeds' found in ordinary grass verges are so beautiful in detail, as all of nature is.

    Before this painting i didn't know the 'spurge' is such a big family, so this project brings me knowledge of nature as well;-)

  2. Hello Lies,
    This is a good start of my day!
    It really feels like a little present.
    Thanks a lot for the first one I just received.....
    looking forwards for the next 364 mini-paintings!

  3. Hello Helene, welcome to the project, nice to have you here:-)
    And thanks for your compliments,i love to send out presents:) only 364 should be 165 in your case but hey you never know, maybe i can't stop after one year:) have a nice day!


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